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83% of UK citizens want messaging apps such as Element, WhatsApp and Signal to have the highest level of security and privacy possible.

💚 We're over the moon that JP Morgan has recognised Element as a top 10 UK women-powered business!

Ranking 5th out of 200 is a testament to all the amazing and hard-working women here at Element 🙋‍♀️🚺✨

Read the report ➡️

🎉 Frost and Sullivan has recognized us as best in class in the global secure messaging industry!

Receiving its 2023 Technology Innovation Leadership Award is the ‘frosting’ on our cake 🧁

Read the report, it’s on the house! ➡️

Do you work in DevOps but are struggling to find a platform that provides flexibility and control?

Learn how Element integrates for DevOps in our short demo.

Be connected continuously. Be in your Element.


We’ll work with the Central Indian Government to champion Element, Matrix, decentralisation and the importance of private communications. But we’ll never compromise our mission to provide secure comms for all.

🗣️ Our CPO, Patrick Alberts, has been busy at the European Police Congress.

Taking part in the P20 panel & presenting a prototype live demo, he's been in his Element showcasing how Element helps leverage Matrix for secure, interoperable messaging across Germany's police forces 🔒

We're in Berlin today at European Police Congress! 🚔🇩🇪

👋 Come by stand 66 to talk to us about secure and sovereign communication for police and national security.

Oooohhhh we've just been described as a 'Soonicorn' 🦄🤣💚

🎉 Thank you Tracxn for including us in the Emerging Startups of Open Source, alongside some other great tech startups!

🇸🇪 We're in Stockholm today attending TelekomIdag's event Connect23 about 'the future of communication'.

Drop by our stand if you're there to say hi to Magnus & Paulina 😊👋

Learn more about our progress in the Swedish public sector, where Element & Matrix participated in eSam's vendor evaluation as a recommended secure and federated communications solution ➡️

We had a great time presenting at Handelsblatt GovTech-Gipfel last week and are proud to have sponsored such an important event with influential figures in attendance 💚

From L to R:
🇩🇪 Nils Hoffmann, MD of Public
🇩🇪 Dr. Marco Buschmann, Minister of Justice
🇩🇪 Larissa Holzki, Handelsblatt

🫡 Goodbye Command Line and Conquer, hello to Element's improved admin experience!

We've got not one, but two, hosting preferences for you to choose from - so you can admax rather than admin 😉

Good to see the UK govt testing an alert system to help strengthen UK security and resilience in the face of threats. A little confusing UK govt is simultaneously undermining end-to-end encryption; a technology that strengthens UK security and resilience in the face of threats 🤔

Reflecting on an exciting & busy week, we had a great time at
GovTech Gipfel!

Our CPO Patrick Alberts was in his Element discussing “Secure collaboration in public administration - how do we strengthen digital sovereignty?”

Can't wait for the next one 😊

Thank you to those who attended the webinar with guest speakers from Hexagon and Forrester! 🎉

We hope you found it useful and gained interesting takeaways about building the business case for secure communications across your organisation.

We know life gets busy so no worries if you couldn’t make it, you can access the recording here ⏯️

We’re part of an open letter asking the UK government to rethink the Online Safety Bill to protect end-to-end encryption and respect privacy.

Read the letter here:

⌛️ The countdown is on!

We’re only 1 day away from our webinar with guest speakers from Hexagon and Forrester.

It’s not too late to save yourself a seat, register here ➡️

🚨 The GPG key securing our Linux Debian repository will expire this Saturday - we've reissued a key with an extended validity period.

Stay secure and make sure you trust the new key: 🔐➡️

Why does the Forrester Wave carry so much weight in IT decision-making & procurement?

This is one of the questions we’ll be answering in our webinar.

Submit a question, share your experiences & hear from experts in the field of secure communication ➡️

🚨 Calling Enterprise IT leaders!

Join our webinar to:

➡️ Help build your organisation's business case for secure comms
➡️ Identify when 'secure enough' isn't enough
➡️ Gain insight from those challenging the status quo in secure comms

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