📯📯📯 We’re beyond excited for the ‘Ignition launch’ of our next gen Element app!! 📱

This is a monumental moment where the Element X engine really starts turning 🏎️🏎️🏎️

Read our latest blog post for more details.

@element any plan for an equivalent for the desktop applications? I can't help but feel Element on Linux looks a bit dated by comparison

@Rob_J @element Element Web is having a new UI, it’s under development. Plus, it’s migrating to matrix-sdk-crypto-wasm, the Wasm with JS host bindings of matrix-sdk-crypto (part of the Matrix Rust SDK). Gonna be awesome :-).

@element congrats. It would be nice btw to see a new release of matrix-sdk-rust on


Please tell me there will at least be an option for a UI more akin to the desktop client? I'm in a ton of spaces and honestly hate how disorderly it all looks in Element X.

I get the simplicity angle, but it also feels extremely cluttered and a little too simple. The option to separate people, spaces, and singular rooms into different tabs similar to FluffyChat would be really nice. 🙏

@element This would be very exciting if Element X were in f-droid.

@element It's unclear from the blog post: does it support up-to-date installs of Synapse, or only your closed-source enterprise server offering?

Wann kommt Element X in den F-Droid Store. Der einzig richtige Platz für eine datenschutzfreundliche App.
#datenschutz #fdroid #element

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