Exciting news, Android fans! The Element X preview has landed, delivering lightning-fast messaging. It's a sneak peek, with more to come.

Explore the blog for all the details: Read Now 👉

@element is there work on improved client for the linux desktop too?

@exitcode @element

It is the same, web based client as Mac and Windows. They are native Matrix clients for Linux being created by other people.

@exitcode @element While that'd be nice I think with Fractal (GNOME) and various Qt/KDE based ones out there chugging along nicely, improving the rust-sdk (which all these clients consume) is a better effort for strengthening the Linux client.

Plz remove the X 🙏. Anyone who uses an X in their product name sounds like a 52 year old right wing Edgelord. You want to be taken seriously, don't you? 😉

@momentum @element

I guess they can't yet? Because of the legacy one

@momentum @element They will remove it once it replaces the official client

@momentum @element The name was coined before the TwiX rebrand happened, mostly in analogy to Telegram X I think. But I'm sure it'll change :'-)

@element Nice job! It works. Long way to go replacing the mature one. Waiting for the spaces support.

@element BTW are there plans to support Stories at least in the new client?

Whenever you have time, it would be cool to also have an f-droid build 😃

@element Looking forward to trying Element X once it's released on #fdroid.

Does “X” stand for fascist platform compatibility, for an outdated windowing system or for high complexity? 🤔

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