@element Please upload the latest version of the app on @fdroidorg 🙏🥹

Cause I encountered some crashes with the current version 😔, that is, I couldn't set up PIN or biometric protection


@dan_tran_van @fdroidorg fdroid builds are posted by fdroid, not us.

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@element @fdroidorg Thanks for the clarification, I think I would just install the latest version on the release page 🥸

@element @dan_tran_van @fdroidorg True, there is no "uploading the latest version of an app to F-Droid" since we build everything from source, and it can take a few days for a new release to be built and published as a result.

But in this case the Element team decides when a new release is ready, which is why automatic updates are disabled and we have a maintainer note that says "Do not update unless requested by the Element team!" :)

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