@element Hello. Approximately when will Element X be available for android?

@element Will there be a published Element Х APK in the near future on GitHub?

@element Please upload the latest version of the app on @fdroidorg 🙏🥹

Cause I encountered some crashes with the current version 😔, that is, I couldn't set up PIN or biometric protection

@element @fdroidorg Thanks for the clarification, I think I would just install the latest version on the release page 🥸

@element @dan_tran_van @fdroidorg True, there is no "uploading the latest version of an app to F-Droid" since we build everything from source, and it can take a few days for a new release to be built and published as a result.

But in this case the Element team decides when a new release is ready, which is why automatic updates are disabled and we have a maintainer note that says "Do not update unless requested by the Element team!" :)

@element what's that? alt text is important, for both visually impaired people and people with bad net, as text loads faster, so in the fediverse it's common sence to describe your media attachments, be that image, video or audio. If you need help describing it, do tag @ImgDesc, I hope I tagged the right one, there was also a group which did this stuff, but I forgot the handle.

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