Psst… don’t tell anyone, but; we’ve put an early release of Element X iOS on the App Store! It’s the fastest Matrix client ever, with an entirely new beautiful UI & UX. First release targets personal messaging, but lots more features coming soon!

@dan_tran_van @fdroidorg yup, we'll need to get Element X added on Fdroid once the Android build is ready (soon!)


Looks fantastic!

Would you accept for merge translations files sent manually via email or Matrix? Localazy may work the best for you, that's ok, but it requires proprietary software to run and I really want to later help do Polish translation.

@element first thing: I can’t login to my homeserver. As if it wasn’t running. Despite it working on the same iPad with the other element app. Known issue? My fault? Holding it wrong? 👀

@saladcat @element Do you have a sliding sync proxy running? It’s one of the requirements of Element X.

@element does it automatically snitch on users to the police yet or is that coming in the next update?

@element You broke my trust, sorry, I'm not taking any chances with you ever

@element You absolutely don't have to be sorry :)

It will be well enough if you simply cut ties with oppressive militias in all ways, shapes and forms 💖

@element would be nice to mention that self-hosted instances will need to do some preparation for this new client. #matrix


"Other servers will need to run a sliding-sync proxy ... Eventually there will be native support for sliding sync in Synapse, but for now we are relying on the proxy to do the heavy lifting."


@fredposner @element

Before it replace regular Element, Synapse should support new sync API by default.

So it would be just an update.

Looks great, but i think we desperately need Spaces support

@mrak you should wait for as long as it takes your account to normally log in from cold. n.b. this will only ever happen once, the very first time you ever log into EX.

@mrak impressive! well, if you log out and in again now it should take about 150ms, which sounds a bit like a 24,000x speedup ;)

@element but a new login on a different device only took 10s of seconds before, so this is orders of magnitude slower…

@mrak weird. can you submit debug logs from the device which took an hour to log in?

"Element X really will become that future. Once complete it’ll replace the existing set of apps, drop the X, and simply become the new Element...."

So my device which can only run iOS 15 will be unsupported soon? :NotLikeThis:
Kinda sad news, but ok. :BibleThump:

@sebastian by Element, yes - sorry; we're having to lean heavily on the latest iOS features, and we don't have manpower to keep supporting the old apps. However, there are loads of other Matrix clients which might support iOS 15, so you're not totally abandoned :)

@element can't wait for the android version to be ready. It looks better and better every week! Kudos!

@element @matrix Oh, it needs a proxy for sliding sync which is not yet supported by Synapse? That means it won’t work for most servers right now. :flan_despair:

@element Am I understanding correctly thaf current users of Element will stop receiving updates and will have to dowwnload a new app from the app store to get the all new Element (currently called ElementX)?

@blendergeek no, normal Element releases will continue until Element X has feature parity with Element.

@element At that point will ElementX be released as a simple upgrade to Element with no need to install a new app?

@[email protected] @[email protected] no, the normal Element app will stay some while. Element X has not yet implemented all features at all. It’s usable for early adopters that want to test it and give some feedback. You can also use it for basic communication but many things won’t work. Also the server has to support Sliding Sync which is not the case yet for every server. They did a blog post however, about it describing it much more precise than I could do here.

@element When element x will be available on the Google Play Store

@element …and no support for iOS14 or iOS15. And no calls.

@element Feels snappier comparing to the previous app, good job 👏

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