🗣️ Our CPO, Patrick Alberts, has been busy at the European Police Congress.

Taking part in the P20 panel & presenting a prototype live demo, he's been in his Element showcasing how Element helps leverage Matrix for secure, interoperable messaging across Germany's police forces 🔒

@element you must be getting an awful lot of requests for 'back-doors' at a place like that.

Small suggestion for improving your question. It should read: You must be getting an awful lot of requests FROM 'back-doors' at a place like that. 🤭

@element like all police, european police brutalize immigrants, control trade of drugs and medicine, and kick poor people out of housing when they can't afford the rent. working with them is bad, because you are supporting this bad behavior!

@element Enabling European policing is enabling racial profiling, enabling the targeting of activists (your main user base) and enabling an institution that has historically been and continues to be aligned with the far right.

@element nice to know that matrix is an untrustworthy, compromised platform.

@element So we have to check your code for backdoors now too? Noted. ✔️

@element …and here's another photo of your cpo, patrick alberts, being busy at the european police congress.

@element Have you not yet noticed that this is a marketing disaster? Stop catering to cops.


@element yeah Element, you just made me want to use another matrix client

@element you are disgusting.
What is next? Offer a drone strike coordination system to the CIA?

@element pretty disappointed that y’all are highlighting this like this.

@element Working with cops? Literally the most vocal anti-encryption anti-security (for the general public) people around? You gonna backdoor the product for them?

@element sure, work with the people that don't want us to have encrypted communication in the first place. Brilliant move.

@element Uninstalled. Learn how to read the room.

Supporting brutal fascists isn't the way to go.

@element Yeah, after what German police did to the anti-coal protesters, this is pretty gross.

@element Unpopular opinion: Thats the best thing you could've done. Govs all around the world pay good money for tech solutions so they *will* find someone that is willing to sell. If element refused to do it, Meta would. And we all know whats the better option out of the two. Besides, police isn't inherently bad. They just need to change error-prone structurea

@element So what I'm getting from this is I need to stop using Element with my ESL students immediately, because the entirety of the police forces in my entire country are one mediocre excuse or bad election away from kidnapping and/or shooting any nonwhite immigrant regardless of immigration status, and you're eager to help spy on potential police violence victims. Is that accurate?

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