We're in Berlin today at European Police Congress! 🚔🇩🇪

👋 Come by stand 66 to talk to us about secure and sovereign communication for police and national security.

@element I think i'd rather check out stand 1312. Heard it's funny.

@artevaeckt @element Ja, echt zum kotzen. Die haben meinen Respekt grade verloren.

@[email protected] Brosky do me a solid and yell "ACAB" as loud as you can for me, ye?

@element I hope you have fun when they decide they don't want encryption to exist for anyone else

@element im the feddest fed there is, take it from me, this sucks

@joebiden @element Also when their logo didn't look like a swastika.

@luna @element thanks for bringing that to my attention - kthxbye

@element Based. Notice how the vast majority of so-called "dissidents" are just people who slightly disagree with the status quo and do not use any encrypted messenger seriously, and instead organize on platforms controlled by the people they supposedly disagree with. Encryption is only used for crime, good on Element for preventing it! Hopefully they will start allowing law enforcement to read encrypted messages to prevent crime soon.

@element @lewdthewides @element tbf the police are going to communicate regardless. I'd rather that happen in a secure manner

I guess I have the police rather use element as chat as whatsapp & co. Hope they contribute to the code base and we keep a secure protocol for everyone (without backdoors). Good luck!

@dronn @element you seriously think the police would contribute? I think the German police is utterly incompetent and probably has nothing to contribute, especially not fix security loopholes that they could use to their advantage

@Luis142 @element
That is an interesting point. I guess both. They would upstream stuff to keep their own communication safe - since maintaining an own internal fork would be hard to handle. One has to be careful anyways - there are worse organizations than the police (secret services) that will try to get back doors in open source infrastructure..

@element didn’t you get the memo? It’s really simple: Don’t talk with the cops.

@element have you ever seen the image where there's a pig, but it has GIANT balls, and on its balls it's managed to take a shit

@element If you're looking for some music to make your booth stand out, a nice bit of choir singing might help:


@element Really disappointed with your choice of event you attend.

While I understand wide adoption in governmental institutions provide a great opportunity for advancement of Matrix, openly and proudly advertising attending events favorable to law enforcement group that is oppressive towards the same people you want to protect and which also is the same group that keeps pushing for less freedom and privacy in space of electronic communication is in my personal opinion dishonest and inappropriate.

Hope you will reconsider your association with such groups in the future.

@[email protected] Honestly, it's better if law-enforcement use their own matrix servers than WhatsApp or Teams, I don't really get the outrage here, It's not like the police are not communicating digitally right now, might as well do it without Facebook/MS in between.

@element maybe a good time for a clear statement, don't you think?

Bro really. Now I have yo go through the effort of installing a different client.

@element ho hey, this is the emoji you where looking for :acab:

@element nice!

also, the rage in the comments is just something else 🤡

@element Can someone explain why is is a bad thing? Am confused;-; to me it just looks like police having secure comms.

@SofieLovesYou @element Because they are selling out to the very people they argue against. European chat control is an idea formed by the police, and it would destroy matrix.

Not to mention that cops are bad.

@SofieLovesYou @element And e2e is also there to protect minorities and whistleblowers from the police. How can the Community trust a project, that made clear, they support the oppressors of homeless, refugees, bipocs and so much more.

@Esche @element I mean I think it’s the policy makers that try to limit privacy, the police for the most part just do what their told + bias (which at times is selective towards minorities). I don’t want the zuck or GOOG to know anything about a investigation I was involved with.

But I understand the concern and the dislike to law enforcement as a whole, they get away with way too much.

I’m just a dingus tho :blobcatrainbow:

@SofieLovesYou @element

In every state I know, the police or their union lobby to be less controlled and get more power (money, weapons, people, less privacy). It is a structural problem of authoritarian organizations to want to expand their own power and that makes police a general threat to democracy and society. So I think, that is independent of policy makers.

What does dingus mean? ^^

@Esche @element Means silly or stupid in a friendly tone. Useing it here to express my lack of knowledge of the situation. I’m jus a curious goober :blobcatcoffee:

@element Even worse then supporting the german police is the missing statement on them and ignoring the Community under this post.

Oury Jalloh, NSU2.0, chat controll, PAG.

This are the things you support. Never seen element supporting the Community and the people

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