We’re part of an open letter asking the UK government to rethink the Online Safety Bill to protect end-to-end encryption and respect privacy.

Read the letter here:


I hate to say, till the end of war in Ukraine, I have varied position on this, but certainly not a one I had before 24.2.22.

@element @matrix ah! Element is a UK based company. What does it mean specifically for the users of Element if this Online Safety Bill becomes the law in UK?

@adnan @element that the UK government might block us from the UK app stores, much as China has.

@matrix @element

Hmm.. so does this law only apply to end user apps and not to services that route e2e encrypted messages between those apps (or even to keyservers that facilitate the initial handshake)?

I may be asking for legal advice 😄

@adnan @matrix @element I dont think it will affect the protocol itself in a sense that Non-EU matrix homeservers should not be affected by this and third party clients for matrix that do not send telemetry anywhere shouldnt either.

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