🚀 Element Server Suite 23.11 includes a power-packed Admin Console upgrade.

Set data retention periods, manage on the go with mobile view and supercharge your auditing.

Be in your element with ESS! 🌐


On Wednesday our cofounder & COO Amandine Le Pape will be at Web Summit in Lisbon discussing the need for government CTOs with Andrew Sullivan (President and CEO of Internet Society) & Jane Wakefield (Freelance Senior Technology journalist & Media Consultant BBC).

Let's tackle tech deficit and make way for seamless e-governance


📣⚠️📣 Announcing a new home and license (AGPLv3) for Synapse and friends: going forwards Element’s work on Synapse, Dendrite & related server-side projects is going to be released as AGPLv3 rather than Apache.


🛡️🧱🔒Fortify your Matrix network with enhanced access controls using our new Secure Border Gateway, part of Element Server Suite.

Find out how to do this in our latest blog post element.io/blog/secure-border-

🚀 Exciting News! ESS 23.10 is our first release featuring long-term support (LTS) 🛡️

This means enhanced stability for customers with larger deployments! Check out how LTS can benefit your organisation now 📃🌐🗺

Please upgrade Element Desktop to fix a high severity vulnerability caused by an Electron dependency.


📯📯📯 We’re beyond excited for the ‘Ignition launch’ of our next gen Element app!! 📱

This is a monumental moment where the Element X engine really starts turning 🏎️🏎️🏎️

Read our latest blog post for more details.


🚀 Exciting News! Introducing Element Starter - your gateway to self-hosting secure communications! 🌐

Our new offering includes everything you need to deploy Element Server Suite into your own server space. It’s the simplest way to get started… and did we mention it's FREE! 🌟


Get ready for the next generation of Element! 🚀

Element X is coming soon and Element Server Suite (23.09) paves the way for it. Install it now!


Lord Moylan hits the fundamental flaw that still exists in the when he says

"Everybody knows that you cannot do what Ofcom is empowered, by this Bill, to do without breaching end-to-end encryption."


Exciting news, Android fans! The Element X preview has landed, delivering lightning-fast messaging. It's a sneak peek, with more to come.

Explore the blog for all the details: Read Now 👉 element.io/blog/element-x-andr

3rd reading of starts in House of Lords today. OSB is deeply flawed, poorly drafted and a dangerous precedent. Undermining encryption is a dreadful blunder.

Read our blog to learn more: element.io/blog/end-to-end-enc 🌐🔐

🚀 We’re on a mission to create a digital sovereign workplace.

🗳️ Vote for our talk by Patrick Alberts and Andreas Reckert-Lodde at SXSW about the importance of digital sovereignty to organisations and nation states, and how open source software vendors are working together to provide competitive alternatives to proprietary software.

Watch our video now - voting closes in 10 days!


🚀 We’re excited to be introducing a consistent release cadence for Element Server Suite 🔄

Standardising releases improves stability so that our customers have a seamless experience.

We’re on a mission to make data sovereignty a reality across public sector and enterprise organisations. And this is an important step along the way.

Check out our new ‘server profiles’ in the latest release: element.io/blog/announcing-ele

🪄 Sometimes the little things make the biggest differences...


Read our latest blog post to learn how Element is creating a more accessible future for everyone.

Updates include: optimising the colours, increasing the contrast and enhancing the screen reading functionality.

Be the change. Be in your element 💚

Element Call Beta 3 is here at last! 🚀🎥📺

This is a huge update, now with 100s of users per call & Brady Bunch layout thanks to LiveKit + Element Web/Desktop Develop/Nightly native support too! One catch: E2EE is temporarily off while we hook it up.


The UK Online Safety Bill is continuing to progress through UK Parliament, putting end-to-end-encryption fundamentally at risk. Element tried to explain the disaster on the horizon to Sky News this morning: youtu.be/QQZ7sIk-iHQ

Psst… don’t tell anyone, but; we’ve put an early release of Element X iOS on the App Store! It’s the fastest Matrix client ever, with an entirely new beautiful UI & UX. First release targets personal messaging, but lots more features coming soon!


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