For reasons I can't fathom, Internet Archive Scholar got attention today, a mass of it, painting it as a "new" service. Actually, it has been out there for about a year. BUT....

If beautifully structured access to academic citations by the millions is your bag or desperately needed tool, especially ones that are ONLY left in the Wayback Machine, you are in LUCK. And this will be your favorite day. Try it.

@textfiles How does it compare to Google Scholar? Similar name, so I was wondering if it was similar in intent and/or scope.


@textfiles Well of course it's better, that went without saying. No matter what it is, it *has* to be better. We are comparing Internet Archive to Google... There's almost always nothing to worry about as to which of them is better. And honestly, I can't think of a situation Google (as a company) might do a better job of anything the archive does.

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