With error pages this nice, you might actually want to introduce some bugs into your sites ;P

(Coming soon to Kitten… having a bit of Friday fun.) :)

#kitten #smallWeb #dev

@aral They are cute, but... Does that improve people actually paying attention to them? I think to some extent. Something that catches attention, the attention actually is used. But if it's "same old" it just gets ignored.

@JigmeDatse Donno… I know they make me happy and that’s one of my success criteria for what I make :)


@aral That seems fair. I mean... If you are doing work that doesn't make you happy, you really should reconsider the work you're doing. And you don't seem like you would stick with something not making you happy for that long. Unless the reason is you have a vision, and the coding is just going poorly.

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