I wish steam would stop recommending me The legend of heroes series. I have it ignored for a REASON and that Trails in the Sky massively sickened me and I just wish steam would stop.

The end of Trails in the Sky was not romantic it was RAPEY and disgusting on SO many levels and they DOUBLED DOWN ON IT later.

Fuck that ending. Fuck that game. Fuck the person who wrote it. FUCK THE PEOPLE WHO KEPT THAT SERIES GOING.


@Rasp Is there any real way that you can set it to "ignore" in a real sense? Like, I know on YouTube, "I don't want to see this video" seems to send the message to Google, "This person interacted with this video, so we should recommend it more". But I have found for both Chrome and Firefox there are addons which allow you to do that at the browser level. It sucks to have to do that. Which is why I would rather spend my time on PeerTube.

@JigmeDatse Not on steam no. It just mildly darkens the things you have ignored.

@Rasp That sucks... But I'm genuinely unsurprised...

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