Pixiv.net experience 1/? 

I have been recently (and in the past, not really officially gone away) gone to pixiv.net/ to look at the art there.

I started looking at the site as Deviant Art had started to become largely unusable to me (at least it mostly had been, but it did seem like there was a workflow that would allow me to use it, but it was more complicated).

I initially joined for a certain kind of adult content (well, it was the adult content from DA which also linked there)


Pixiv.net experience 2/? 

I kind of fell out of love with that adult content, and ended up not feeling all that into pixiv.net because that was pretty much what I was seeing, despite trying desperately to find other content out there...

I could sometimes find stuff I liked, which was out of that context. But I kept getting drawn into that.

On return, I was still seeing a lot of that, as it was still sitting there for me. So I managed to clean that up, and am now getting mostly stuff that works

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Pixiv.net experience 3/? 

I feel that quickly when you start to bookmark more works of a certain type, this can lead to a lot of that being recommended. This can be a good thing, or a bad thing.

When you fall in the "occasional hole of obsessing over something you'd rather not see normally" it can be a bad thing, but it's something that seems like it now quickly enough clears up.

So, I'd say give it a go, if you want to see largely Asian art (Japanese is big) or at least that theme.

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