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No new notifications here but you can check me out over at @JigmeDatse

Haven't been here for a while, and it seems like it's busier here than I thought. Hey peoples here.

Local timeline here isn't *that* busy, but my notifications and home are pretty busy.

Just came by to see if I'd missed anything here since I was last here (specifically notifications) and I see there is someone who has followed me here. If you spot me, then it is easier to see what I'm up to at @JigmeDatse as I'm far more active there. I'm not sure if there are any other instances which I might *actually* exist on.

Wow, last time I was here this instance was very very quiet, and it had been for quite some time. But I see current messages here, and that ins quite interesting. Mind you my notifications are not full of things that I've missed. But it's good to see that somehow there's local activity here. I'm not sure, I will probably pop in from time to time. But I don't see myself spending as much time here as I do over at @JigmeDatse

I'm not sure what I'm doing here. But that's OK...

Now that's odd... Why would @g0d need to "follow" me, aren't they all seeing? And don't even need to do things like that?

Trying to make this instance a bit more meaningful to me. No idea how I am going to succeed. I probably just need to try some stuff...

This instance is at least running. But it seems like there is no real action here at all. The latest post I can see on the local timeline is my own post here. So I don't really think it's that "lively". But hey, I can always at least post. I think people are following me...

I really really really don't get why this is getting active with "people" following me here. Oh well.

Really people, I don't really exist here... I am over at @JigmeDatse But it seems that those who have followed me here, haven't gone over there. Maybe? Perhaps? You don't care that pretty much everything I've been tooting here is "quit following me here." Oh well...

I have had 2 more "people" follow me here again. 1 of those accounts I have 2 other accounts with the same display name, and user name. Please, if you are following me, (ie. the person) you can follow me at @JigmeDatse and if you're just doing random stuff? I don't know, I guess I could block, or something?

Very confused. Um, why are people following me here. My main instance is @JigmeDatse Oh well. I'll just keep tooting this...

Been seeing some activity here. Not really sure what to think about that.

Apparently I have had a couple of people follow me on this instance so I'll do a bit of I joined this instance because I use Matrix fairly heavily, I have my own homeserver (which is open for registrations) but really only use my @JigmeDatse instance on a regular basis on mastodon. Glad to see that there has been some activity here, even as limited as it is.

It looks like the last time I was here, was the last time someone posted to this timeline. My other two instances *seem* to have gone so dead, that I'm not following them?

I had accounts on 3 Mastodon instances, and currently this is the only one which is still up. One is failing with a DNS error. Another is failing with an expired certificate. The DNS error is just fresh and may be short lived. I do hope that I end up finding that it is "useful". But I have to say that as time progresses with it, I'm not entirely sure how well it is working.

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Still plugging away on autismjobs.ca Part of registration has been done (I need to work on verification of email, and login stuff before I feel I can say it is "done").

I was about to try to take a stab at verification of email, but I realised that to verify email, I needed to be able to send email, and to do that, I need to set *something* up to do that, so setup the email server handling autismjobs.ca email.

I'm taking a break right now, but things move forward.

With building my entire synapse server box (software) over again, while Synapse and the IRC bridge has been running, I've only had a few times over about 8 hours where it was noticeably slow. This is pretty much as heavy a load that I can *easily* put on it right now. I think that we may well have a system that for what I need it to, is robust enough to even handle 291 packages being built without too much trouble. Now for my *clients* I think they might complain.

This is the third Mastadon instance I have signed up on. It seems like it just "works that way.