I heard that one of the streamers I watched dealt with the dragon, and I had to ask, "Did you cuddle with the dragon?" But I haven't received an answer... The dragon who lives with me, was complaining... There's too many stray cuddles and her store is about to overflow...

Old Movies — Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) 

I am currently watching it. It seems a bit more intense than you would think for being 66 years old.

email setup (failing) 

I spent some time yesterday trying to get a new domain working for email on my mail server... And it is failing. Maybe I'll figure it out. There is a "mail loop" it claims. But I don't really understand what is going on. Is it the two MX records pointing to the same mail server?

re: Follower Welcome 

You and me both. Uh, hi there, I'm KatieVM a.k.a. macksting a.k.a. mookraker, or even Glamdring if you go far enough back. Transfemme, butch (maybe soft butch), white, median system, live in the US, I make memes sometimes, and I have had weird enough life experiences that I forget what's normal for other people and folks get uncomfortable around me and I am really sorry about that.
Uh, anyway, hi.

Follower Welcome 

I'd like to welcome @katievm as a follower We've known each other quite a few years. Though, I'll let them tell you more about themselves. Because I'm likely to fork things up.

Cooking advice I should follow 

do not rub your eyes when you are handling chili peppers. This is a very unpleasant experience, and not at all recommended.

house wrecking... (confessions) 

I am a house wrecker, but why do they build their houses in the middle of the paths? That seems like a recipe for disaster...

Fediverse Question. 

OK, I am happy to say that I have found a way to handle the issue with the loopback not working as a way to setup the reverse proxy. I'm not that happy with the solution, but I think effectively it should be the same. It's specifying that you use the IP address in both the nginx and the PeerTube config. I don't know if that helps @xenon but if it does, then good luck. If not... Hope you figure out a solution.

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Fediverse Question. 

OK, well this is interesting... It looks like federation is *probably* working. Very very very interesting... Still need to figure out what I can do to get nginx to talk to the node component.

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Fediverse Question. 

I have updated my PeerTube from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2 and... I have a broken PeerTube. I am getting a "502 Bad Gateway" and nginx is saying "connection refused" on but I'm not sure what to do to tackle this. I feel there's something maybe... That nginx is passing the source IP (like my machine) which the PeerTube Node is going, "um nope" to. But I'm not really sure.

Follower Welcome 

I'd like to welcome @50htz and @rgb as followers. Both from banana.dog formerly. I suspect that I was either following them, or them following me prior. So... Hi, and welcome.

Under the Banner of Heaven (Miniseries) 

I have been watching *Under the Banner of Heaven* on Disney+ and it has finally mentioned (as a significant plot point) our "connected neighbours". It's about an hour 45 minutes to them, but that's relatively close. It is deeply disturbing, and hard to understand/make sense of. I was watching *Stranger Things* previously (and will get back to it) and that is far more straightforward and believable.

request for monetary aid: $270/$2900 for emergency electrical work 

hey y'all, some fucker in the 1970s used lamp cord for the neutral return on our basement circuit so we had to do rewiring plus replacing all the breakers

we are all jobless rn so this put a massive dent in our savings. so far have received $270 (thank y'all so much), any help would be massively appreciated so we don't run out too soon!

liberapay.com/trwnh or paypal: [email protected]

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Oh oh? Server tickets... 

This is a "known problem" to us. Our open-rc script for PeerTube seems to leave the PID file in a lot of cases when the shutdown is "successful" and this was what caused it to not start up on reboot.

Our "poor choice" solution is to "force start" despite the presence of the PID file. But it would be much preferable to figure out how better to start/stop with the ability to check that it is running or not.

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Oh oh? Server tickets... 

I just have 2 new "support tickets" from my VPS provider.

And the "Events Notification" for the machine, is on a machine that is "currently not working." Great, thank you for "fixing" things in a way that "everything breaks." Well, maybe this is trivial to fix.

Follower Welcome 

Hey thanks for the follow @[email protected] . I know that there's been "some connection" for a while. So it was a little strange seeing the follow request.

*Stranger Things* 

I'm still back on Season 1, and honestly, I kind of remember why I stopped watching. To much familiar, but not in a good way...

sex work discussion 

A while ago, someone said that switter.io was "available" as a Mastodon instance, and it was nice to see that, but as of now, it has been down as far as we can see for some time (if someone has a different experience, let us know). They were a sex work positive space, and it was nice to see that. It was a bit "concerning" as it seemed to be potentially high risk. I'm not sure what has/may have happened, but it's not been up for what seems like months.

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