Games ... Switch 

I was going to go to bed, but I thought I'd just make sure nothing was amiss... And now it's later, and I've not gone to bed.

Starting to think it wasn't a good idea to do the check to see if there might be something amiss. Ah well... Maybe we can get some sleeps.

Tech news 

I have cleaned... And put tung and teak oil on the teak table that is outside ... well all year. It does look a lot better, it needs another coat of oil, but it's kind of going to be tomorrow, or if lucky, this afternoon.

F*ists in Ottawa again... 

Welcome Back 

Oh oh... Game "addiction"... 


Follower welcome 

Game identification 

New weird question asked of me.... 

social media insanity... 

Happy April (Autism ... month)?` 

Critical Role 

Knowing Stuff vs. Thinking you Know Stuff 

self-promotion birdsong video 

Why/What? Pi-Hole/PeerTube 

Follower Welcome 

Mail and literature... 

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