Hey, it's a bit later than I hope to get this, my friend @bexx reminded me that I hadn't put the films for picking the next #Archivedon film up, so here's the #ArchivedonPoll for Tuesday December 12th. We'll watch at 19:00 PST

Feel free to boost, vote, or whatever even if you won't be able to watch.

All films (as usual) are on archive.org (or were when I grabbed them) and the selected one will be on my PeerTube video.jigmedatse.com

3 days for the poll. Thank you.

We've got a disaster brewing for the 4 question #ArchivedonPoll, maybe we can just get someone to vote to even the results out even further... But currently we have a 3 way tie. I really hope this "organically" resolves itself. Please boost and vote if you haven't already. If you have boosted already, feel free to reboost. Chances are if this doesn't resolve based on results, I'll just pick one, but if you feel otherwise? Then let me know.

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Follower Welcome... 

@tom Welcome... Um... Hey, this is basically a test instance, on a new platform? Anyway, welcome...

Posted about where I'm at (briefly) with some moderation stuff on my @[email protected] account. There are 3 other accounts of "mine" (2 of them I'm not sure if they ever were accounts I had) showing up here. I'm pretty sure that is not all of them, as there's at least one that should show up, that's *not* here.

OK, finally got the #ArchivedonPoll together you can see more about where we're at on our site:


mostly written up because I was having some technical difficulties (which I've not sorted out yet) but I hope to be able to get them played on the new setup on the big TV.

This is for the #WatchParty on December 5th at 19:00 PST. I'll put whatever up on my PeerTube.

We are running this for 3 days. Please vote, boost, et al.

Final hours of the #ArchivedonPoll, get your votes in if you haven't. We currently have a clear leader, but that could change if we get other people voting.

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OK, I'm a bit ashamed, but I've got a Pi up to the point that I'm pretty sure it will be a decent replacement for the system that the fan was failing that I've been watching the films on. It was probably the "quickest" solution and it's already over a week, and it's not in place yet.

Just did a little Animation in OpenToonz. Someone was asking about stuff to install, and it was xsuggesed byy someone else, so I decided to install it to see how it works. Not bad at all.

mastodon.social and moderation 

Apparently this is something I've already talked about. They're doing a decent job overall, but today and yesterday I have reported 2 different accounts (one just now) on my own instance, and it is really hard for them being as large as they are, but maybe that's why we want to have smaller instances.

I'm early this week with the #ArchivedonPoll, and I hope that ends up working out. If you had watched (or I had watched) we would be done, so it probably isn't any earlier than "ideal". But because I wasn't watching, I wanted to get the poll together.

Let's see how this one goes.

OK, so I'm not watching a film tonight. Well, I have Matango playing here from a previous night. But again... I just am not handling the fact that just to book a couple of hours regularly to watch TV doesn't really work unless I want to put more effort than well I'm really able to. I'm not very good at dealing with other people.

OK, today has been a bit of a ride for whatever reason, but we have the options for the #ArchivedonPoll out for the next #Archivedon on November 14th.

For a variety of reasons it took a while to come up with this list. And I see that one on my first draw I missed. It's OK, just checked it out, and I'd want to see if there was another version of it, and I already spent much of the day tracking down other versions of flims.

Some could have been added with a separate caption track, is that OK

Finally (who knows, it may have happened hours ago) I have got tomorrow's #Archivedon film up on my PeerTube:


Come join us at 19:00 PST to watch *Teenage Zombies* from 1957. You can also pick it up on archive.org:


Or do a search wherever you can find it.

We've got a selection of films for the #ArchivedonPoll for #Archivedon on November 7th.

A note about *The Birth of a Nation* I have found 3 different versions of vastly different lengths, from 44 minutes to over 3 hours. The one I have of is 1.5 hours and has no audio. It is titled "Part 1".

The audio on the other two is different.

Anyway 3 days to get your vote, and boosts in. Thanks.

we don't really say much about them and we probably should, but supporting our patreon or twitch is a really big help


we might go setup the ko-fi

-- demon goat 🖤

This seems like when I run the #ArchivedonPoll which seems fair. Got it for 3 days today. I think the selection is rather interesting this week. I'm pre-screening Screaming Mimi though I suspect my "concerns" are unfounded. So, vote for the next #Archivedon film on October 31. And join us for a #WatchParty then (or whenever).

OK, setting up for #Archivedon for tomorrow (19 hours and a bit). I uploaded to my PeerTube:


but found what look like better versions, when looking at archive.org:

archive.org/details/godzilla-v (English)


archive.org/details/godzilla-v (Japanese)

So come watch tomorrow at 19:00 PDT (got to watch that as it is changing soon to PST). Live Toot, and just enjoy the film. I'll try to keep it more updated tomorrow as well. Feel free to boost.

Dork Tower's Patreon supporters are what keep the strip going, and really DO make all the difference!

There are a bunch of different levels available to suit any budget, and it's a ridiculously fun community!


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Hey I'm late, and it's maybe more like the "over the weekend" that happens. I've been really flaking out, but we have films selected for the #ArchivedonPoll for what to watch for the #Archivedon #WatchParty on October 17th at 19:00 PDT.

3 Days to give people a chance to vote.

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