OK, I'm "429 Throttled" here. I think that's a fair indication that this instance is borked. I'm just sitting here scrolling through and it's doing this... Like heavy duty doing it. Apparently... The throttle rate is so much lower than expected, that like my screen fills up.

So... If I'm sticking around on Mastodon, I need to find another instance.

Not sleeping, but that's pretty normal. At least I don't have someone lying in my door, so I could close the door.


Notification weridness... 


OK, I'm so out of touch with Mastodon that I'm not really sure what I'm doing here. Maybe that's just as well. I'm actually pretty happy with how PeerTube is working right now.

Follower Welcome 

Been away for a while. Well, partially, because I think that this instance has been down for quite a while. I've tried to check from time to time, but it kept being down. Apparently it's back up now.

Follower Welcome 

New? Followers... 

Hey, had to wash the floor here because someone peed on it. And really that wasn't what we wanted to be doing this evening...

Anyway... Off to bed...

OK, have to head to bed. Way past our bedtime, and we won't be very functional tomorrow if we don't go to bed.

Happy to say that mastodon.openpsychology.net/ seems to be working as it should. Or pretty close to as it should.

Unfortunately ended up silencing a couple of instances and blocking the media from them. People can still follow people on the instances, but they'll have to find them on their own. And the media won't show up on our instance...

I don't think I'll be getting the new instance up. I mean, technically it is up. But I don't think I'm getting it up to the state that I would consider it "functioning as expected" Mind you, really it's already functioning better than I honestly expected it would. Which was essentially not at all. It's just not functioning as a Mastodon instance "should" function.

Follower welcomes 

New follower, and been following a bunch of people. I think that @JigmeDatse should be following some people, but not yet as far as I can see. Oh, make that two new followers. Did find some solutions to some of the errors I can see... Or could, because they're not here...

OK, three new followers since last night. I think about 10 hours ago. I know that I'm kind of following a lot of people right now, and this is a manual process. I'm in the process of setting things up on mastodon.openpsychology.net/ for the account @JigmeDatse I really appreciate all the help you guys are providing. Dankon.

Hey, a new follower... I'm in the process of setting things up at


So am looking to both have people join there, and get some people to follow there...

Of course... There could be some stuff which will if I end up seeing it over there, or getting it reported, possibly lead to it being handled at an instance level.

Anyway, thank you @0527Mirai If things work out (when I import stuff from here) I should be getting a follow over there.

I have a new mastodon instance setup at mastodon.openpsychology.net/ and the admin account is @lead and I'm not sure if the federation is working correctly. @JigmeDatse can see messages from there, but not the other way around.

Welcome, and redirect 

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