I just want to print... 

I was printing... Well admitibly a rather large document (400 pages I think) ... And one printer in the house seems to have "thrown a fit which means a trip to the printer buying place" and the other... I can't even do anything on the computer it's attached to. And apparently I said ~2 years ago, "yeah don't bother upgrading this machine, it's perfectly fine..." When what I think I said was, "you can't really update fast enough to do your taxes on it..."

Gaming Table Top... 

I received the dice I ordered (from Poland) today, and decided to make a bag for them. I ordered 3 sets of 7+3 (7 core dice, 3 extra dice), and one coin, and got 2 bonus dice (didn't order, free gift). One of the extra dice is a honker of a d20 as it has words on it for body parts. It is all very satisfying.

With the arrival of the dice, I have started printing the *Basic Roleplaying* book, which I *really* should have ordered a print version of. Maybe will order it.

To all the babies... 

Hey babies, you're lovely and you are loved. Please keep this place a good place for those of us who really like you guys.

I know at least *one* baby follows me, or at least followed me. Feel free to boost (anyone), and maybe we can find the babies here (we switch).

Follower Welcome... 

Hey there @[email protected] Thanks for the follow. Not sure if I know you... Nothing shows up on this instance of note, so probably not.

odd shipping info... 

I just got what *looks* to be legitimate UPS tracking info for a package originating in Poland. I have no idea what it is. It may be totally legitimate, it may not be totally legitimate. I also could be totally flaking out on something. I *do* know that I've ordered... Oh... I think that's Writing.com... That might be it...

Gaming — Gnome Anne's Guy 

Yesterday I posted on Ko-Fi:


about having done a couple of videos of No Man's Sky, on my PeerTube instance:


and that I had planned on doing another bit later in the evening...

I have now done that third video of No Man's Sky, and it is going to the instance. I *expect* that will be a couple of hours before it is really ready to be played.

I'm having fun, but I'm not happy with the videos yet.


My video I shared earlier was still private. It seems right now Chrome is badly broken for me with a *lot* of different things. And while it uploaded fine, I wasn't able to get all the settings with it correct before it basically crashed on me (didn't crash, but it continued to not function in a usable way).

I'll try to update that tomorrow, because maybe people went and looked at it, and were told that they couldn't. I don't know.

Ko-Fi Post 

Just posted on Ko-Fi


about doing some No Man's Sky videos, the first being:


Just a bit of promotion, but... You know, I think it's more just do some stuff I enjoy and share it...

Asking Mastodon - TTRPG 

I am looking for some physical copies of some TTRPG sourcebooks. I would really like to get the Basic Roleplaying rulebook, but I'd really rather not deal with shipping from the US (shipping cost is high... and too often stuff crossing the US/Canada border, stuff gets hit with extra charges). I *think* someone here should be able to direct to some place I can at least look. I found *one* place (and the .gc.ca that was surprising), but they don't carry it.

Gnome Anne's Guy ... 

I am in the process of rendering a video of the start of my *third* try at No Man's Sky, as I had intended to do a from the start blind playthrough (or at least a good deal of playing it, I think it has a good deal more content than I am probably comfortable doing a recording of, or even a playing of) playing the game. I finally have a way to record playing it, but I am pretty sure the mix is terrible (and I didn't record in a way that I can fix the mix). I hope do more.

Arduino Licenses 3/3 

(especially as the problems could be made to mean the code I create *inside* the IDE has to be AGPL though I think that's a wrong interpretation, just as the code in a GPL licensed IDE doesn't mean it has to be used only for GPL code).

Now I don't know if Gentoo is rejecting the newer Arduino IDE, or if it's simply that the maintainer doesn't see the new releases as they are in a different repository.

I don't care to update to the new IDE if there's a reason not to.

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Arduino Licenses 2/? 

Which I find is LGPL licensed. Which... OK, not my favourite license, but I get it, and again, doesn't *seem* to be the best license for the project (ask my why I feel both of these licenses are not right and maybe help me understand why they make sense here). I *prefer* the LGPL wrong license over the AGPL wrong license

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Arduino Licenses 1/? 

I was just looking at what to do to do some development on my Arduino UNO, and I see a 2.0.3 Arduino IDE which is the current version, but I remembered that I installed it through portage, so I look, and I have 1.8.19 listed there, and I'm wondering, "why" so I go to the 2.0 github page, and it only goes back to the start of the 2.0 version. Which is a very strange thing, and is using the AGPL (which I think is an odd license for this project), so I go digging a bit more

Hey @danidonovan I just am checking out your profile, and I'm not sure if the links work for other people, but for me they are not showing up as links.

I've had issues with that being an issue on this instance with stuff that *really* should be showing up as a link. So, it might not be that you didn't get them right, just that they aren't working here.

Open Source vs. Free Software 3/3 

And don't say Steam is "a step towards freedom/free software" because it absolutely is *not*. Lutris... Sure really... It's a smidge more difficult to use, but it *is* a step towards freedom/free software, and it seems... Like if you're talking to people who could go from Microsoft Office to Libre Office... You are talking to people who can go from Steam to Lutris.

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Open Source vs. Free Software 2/? 

I don't quite get this "Firefox is better than Google Chrome" argument he makes (well, "statement of an opinion as a fact" rather than an argument), I get that Google is not cool, and Chrome is not Chromium. And... Um, he really talks a lot about, "get people to use this questionable project, instead of trying to use this less questionable project." Like, Ubuntu vs. well just about anything other than Red Hat (and I think Ubuntu/Debian are big thing)...

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Open Source vs. Free Software 1/? 


This video is a good example of how to be "kind of good, but overall, not all that good at all." He is very unclear about the distinction between the two terms, and considers them equivalent, and just a "matter of langauge," and calls the people who *do* "don't know the values of free software."

He *honestly* thinks that they are really the same, and to not consider them to be "good" because ... they fail to contradict themselves.

Follower Welcome 

Hey @ethergear just want to say hey. Hope that you are well.

Terrible day... 5/5 

having myself, and another person talk to you (land line in the house) for $1.12. That's really saying that you think that I'm that valuable of a customer, that you wouldn't pick me up if you found me in the middle of the street after having come from the back end of a dog.

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Terrible day... 4/? 

I told her, "this could have been an email," which I got a "we can't do an email, because people are bad and claim they didn't read the email." I sort of get that. But your policy is that you don't accept returns if it's opened, unless it's defective. If you accepted the return, you considered it defective. If you did not accept the return, it means you didn't issue the refund, and you're getting paid 195% for the item... And saying you're doing me a deal by calling me...

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