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Hubble back in service after gyro scare—NASA still studying reboost options

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NASA just transmitted a software update 12 billion miles to Voyager 2, a feat that’s a marvel of spaceflight engineering and a testament to human achievement. It arrived with the following release notes:

“Bug fixes.”

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I'm sorry, did you forget the last 200 years of technological progress advancing productivity yet leading us to work even longer hours? If we want to work less, we need unions, not tech.

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New #ForgeFed #blog post! 🌟
💼 Projects & Grant Chains 🐍

The new stuff: Ability to collect components (Git, issues, PRs, etc.) under Projects

Where to comment: Right here on the Fediverse :)


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*They used to "laugh and call him names." Now they're all dead

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How the first gen ipod was reverse engineered to run #Rockbox:

1. Someone figured out that when loading a particular HTML page (for viewing on the device), the device would reboot. It crashed. A buffer overflow in the HTML viewer!

2. The device remembered what it did before the crash, so it would reload the HTML page again after boot. Unless you connected to it over USB and removed the HTML file it would stick in this cycle.


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You got coding problems, I feel bad for you, son.
I got 98 problems ‘cuz I’m off by one.

I have been having some trouble charging my EV at home. So far I have telephoned:

* The manufacturer of the unit (a small company in Wales).
* My local plumber (yes a plumber).
* A local EV charge point installer (electrician).
* and finally today, the manufacturer of the protection electronics for the charge point.

All have been exceptionally helpful and offered advice over the phone, the plumber even visited my house.

Now can anyone figure out why I called a plumber?

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It is hard for us to identify our biases…why we demand more, scrutinize more, communicate less to one group over another. A good place to start is to be honest about the material harm this causes.

I am utterly burnt out from discussing these issues over a number of years but we are here talking about them some more.

An open letter to the PSF❤️

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Massive story coming from this one later - thank you for Senator Wyden for blowing this up. Apple, follow through with public disclosure so this doesn't get lost.

Part of the US (and other) governments spy worldwide using push notifications. That popup telling you your friend messaged on that super secure encrypted messaging app? Yeahhhhh.

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An Open Letter to The PSF from Python Communities in Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe

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Germany-based email provider Tuta says Microsoft Outlook is blocking all emails from

I had the same thing, first time I have tweaked my router in ages lol

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Last month, we attended the CSA Matter Member Meeting in Geneva to represent Home Assistant, our community, and the Open Home vision.
Read more about our visit:

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Attention #FoD shoppers! Get your orders in at by December 8 to make sure your orders arrive in time to be wrapped in paper and honor! #GreatestGen

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By remaining to use a chromium browser, you're assisting in fucking up the web. I get it, it was nice and shiny. But it's time to come back to Firefox, folks.

#Firefox #chrome #floss #adblock #freedom

Yeah that surprised me a bit, but yolo I guess.

This is my first year. I think puzzle 2 would have been interesting in Excel.

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