Added a basic permissions editor to #nheko.

I am a bit scared people will brick their rooms with it, but at least the UX of it resolves the biggest issues I had when editing permissions in Element (it is centered around "roles" instead of just numbers). Still a long way to go though. Sneak peak below.


If developers spend too much time worrying about how people could misuse a feature we'd have no features haha. People do dumb things sometimes. Glad to see progress regardless and try not to worry too much.

@PublicLewdness To be fair, if you promote someone to your level, you can never downgrade them. I should at least add a popup warning when people do that and such :3


@deepbluev7 @PublicLewdness and an especially large popup if you are demoting yourself, and if you are the last admin even more so.

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