Excited to have @josh joining us on the Matrix journey as Managing Director of the Foundation! 🎉
Big milestone in growing up the project and taking it to the next level as every day makes it more relevant! Welcome Josh! 😊


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Today is a big day: we're excited to welcome Josh Simmons as the first ever Managing Director of The Matrix.org Foundation! 🎉

This is a big step toward fully realizing the Foundation's role as an independent, neutral steward for Matrix. Learn more about why we hired a Managing Director and what @josh will be focused on: matrix.org/blog/2023/09/introd

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We've finally published our full write-up of the all-day workshop on technical interoperability at the European Commission in Brussels. Come check out WhatsApp talking to Google Chat via Matrix while maintaining E2EE via client-side bridges, and more! matrix.org/blog/2023/03/15/the

📝Looking forward to a ton of useful content on Entrepreneurship in Open Source today at ! From community to revenue and funding I’ll be there to compare notes 🤓 Thanks for hosting @openuk_uk !

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The big Matrix 2.0 "How we made Matrix go voooooooom" talk from @matthew begins in 10 MINUTES in Janson - matrix.to/#/#2023-janson:fosde for those following along at home!

Daniel Melin on how the Swedish govt brought its comms providers and asked them to cooperate and interoperate. One year later, most of them had moved to @matrixdotorg and interoperate. Govt can have an impact on pushing open standards! @RocketChat @nextcloud

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